3 Steps To Pin Profit Your Dream Vacation

3 Steps To Pin Profit Your Dream Vacation

Do you want to take a dream vacation, but have no way of paying for it? Does your job pay you bi-weekly and it can never add up to what you need to take your vacation?

Are you sick of sitting around the house during holidays and special occasions instead of being on your dream vacation? Did you know that a FREE Pinterest account could help you pay for that vacation? Here are 3 steps to pin profit your dream vacation.


How To Pin Profit Your Dream Vacation

Step #1: Setup a blog! If you aren’t blogging, you’re missing out on a major opportunity to leverage the internet for profit. Blogging is an ideal way to draw a large audience on a specific topic. When you have a large audience who want to talk about a specific topic they make great leads for products and services surrounding that subject.  Warm leads make the perfect environment for the right offer.


Step # 2: Create a lead magnet!  A lead magnet is an offer that you lead with about your blog topic. A lead magnet is a FREE and entices your audience to trade their email address to grab the freebie. Your lead magnet can be a mind-map, audio, video, or any piece of content that will help them learn more about the subject of your blog or blog post.

“Make your free content better than most paid content in your niche and make your paid content explosive.”


Step # 3: Create an immediate up-sell! When your audience grabs the freebie, be sure to offer them something that can help them learn, even more, about the subject. Your up-sells can help you pay for your dream vacation, but not if no one knows about them.

Pinterest can help you grow your blog’s audience substantially so that you can find a ton interested leads around your blog topic. You can strategically pin images that invite viewers back to your blog and expose them to your sales funnel.

Grab your FREE Pinterest Planner for (step-by-step) process to how to pin profit your dream vacation. You’ll discover how to pin profits daily even if you’ve never used Pinterest before! So stop sitting around the house looking sad. Pin your way to where you want to be.

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