What Is Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

You probably heard mention of email marketing in various places on the web. Email marketing connects businesses with consumers and helps to bridge the gap from prospect to buyer.

But it’s a little more than that.

If you wondering what is email marketing and how does it work, here is the break-down?

The Effectiveness of Email Marketing

Studies show that email marketing is more effective than radio, television, and social media advertisements. It helps blog owners and businesses alike maintain a warm connection with email subscribers.

List owners can develop a relationship with subscribers which makes prospects more likely to purchase suggested products and services.


How Does Email Marketing Work

Email marketing is promotional messages automatically sent to a list of subscribers by a business owner or freelancer.

They send automatic messages based on a list.

A list is built when the prospect answers promotional ads, accept free offers in exchange for an email address, or respond to surveys ext.

The lists are set up to cater to the subscriber’s specific interest while marketing to them the services that they need.

Email marketing is cost-efficient. It can be obtained for mere pennies on the dollar in comparison to radio, television, and print ads. Many email marketing software companies charge a simple monthly fee; offer free 30-day trials, and incorporate forms, landing pages, and segmentation tools.


Enter Your Name And Email


In a nutshell, marketing software companies help you attract customers, send them engaging messages, and organize them based on statistical data. Once you have chosen the appropriate email marketing software company, you can set up “message series” that are automatically sent to the various list on the days and times that you’ve set.

Could you imagine manually emailing 5,000 people who showed interest in your products and services? Email marketing helps you stay in contact with interested buyers without neglecting anyone.




Let’s say 5,000 people responded to free offers on your site.

Yet, 2,500 people were interested in affiliate marketing, and 2,500 people wanted to create their own products.

You would set up, separate, automatic messages for both groups of people.

Because both groups of people have different needs, they wouldn’t coexist on the same list.

You’d place one group on a list about how to promote offers for profit. That list would get automatic messages about affiliate marketing.

You’d place the other group on a list about creating their own brand and product line. They would get automatic messages related to business ownership.


Enter Your Name And Email Address.


Email marketing is about delivering exactly what prospects and customers need in a personal way. It helps you provide a ton a value to thousands of people at one time. Email marketing enables you to build trust and loyalty to prolong customer lifetime value.



How To Build An Email Campaign

A good email campaign begins with a page like the one below.




It’s an offer for a FREE video on how to set up your autoresponder, connect it to your landing page, and send automatic messages. Sometimes visual examples work better. It’s a real offer, so enter your name and email address to grab it.


Many business owners use free courses, discounted offers, or free downloads to capture the interest of those who are interested in that specific topic. If you’ve entered your email address, you’ll discover that it leads to additional bonuses + you’ve received an email from me. Check your inbox or your spam folder. It’s there.


You’d want to create an email marketing campaign like the one you just received in your inbox.

The first message in your campaign is called the welcome message.

Your welcome message should welcome the new subscriber, outline important information about your services, and grab useful information about your new sign-up.

How To Send Automatic Messages

You could gather information about your subscriber in a simple one-line survey that asks them to Pick One:

  1. I’m new to internet marketing
  2. I’m an internet marketing pro
  3. I’m somewhere in the middle

A simple survey like that one could determine which email campaign your new subscriber should be placed in. After you’ve sent the welcome letter and accessed your subscriber’s needs, you can send them messages based on your data.

Your automatic messages are called email campaigns. You can add product releases, newsletters, and broadcasts about your services in these messages. Additionally, you should add value to the subscriber as well. So, you’d want to pace yourself and give out good information.

You could use your email campaign to start series. Each day of the series provides one good tip about your niche. Regardless of the messages, you convey in your email campaigns, it’s important to keep your subscribers engaged.  They should look forward to your emails.

Be sure to include your company information at the bottom of your email, along with a strong call to action to help your prospects transition into paying customers.



So, What Is Email Marketing Again

Email marketing is a powerful tool to help you target your market, cultivate new relationships, and maintain warm buyers. You’re literally marketing to a ton of people on an individual basis. There’s no form of marketing that can compare to Email Marketing.

It’s a powerful tool that could be worth millions to you.

Sadly, without the understanding of email marketing people give up. They’ve tried building their business with no list and couldn’t land any sells.

The idea of email marketing overwhelms them.

Yet, every new skill takes time to learn. Email marketing is no different. However, it’s a skill worth learning. If email marketing is done correctly, it could create larger profits in business.

Teresa Cole is the C.E.O. of Tdaviscole’s Online Services, Instant Course Cash, and Total Game Change. The primary aim is to help aspiring online entrepreneurs determine if they want to do personal consulting, promote affiliate products, or create their own services, to leverage the internet for profits. The easiest way to start building a list and leveraging the internet for profits is with affiliate marketing. You don’t have to create a thing. You can immediately have something to offer your subscribers. You could start earning profits right away.

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