Blog Your Way Out Of Poverty


I’m going to go out on a limb here and write in a different element today. Hopefully, you’re prepared for a straight conversation with no chaser. I’m want to talk about why you should blog yourself out of poverty.


Let’s first discuss the cost of poverty and why it’s critical that you get out of it. Joseph Murphy described poverty as a disease or a condition of the mind that one should seek to get free from. In fact, Murphy implied that, if in poverty, you should seek a cure as one would seek to be cured of cancer or any other major illness.


You can learn more about Joseph Murphy’s philosophy of “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind,” and how your thinking can make your poor or rich HERE, but don’t get distracted. You can come back to it after you read this post.


Yet, the cost of poverty is overwhelming. The stress of not having enough money can cause high blood pressure, anxiety, migraines, and more. Not to mention the depression you develop from grinding at a task you hate and still not having enough to make it.


Perhaps you’ve experienced being overworked, underpaid, and overwhelmed by the expenses that you cannot pay. Based on what I know about the disease, it is a killer of your hopes and your dreams. You simply feel like less than a human being when you have to beg, borrow, and work like a dog to get by.


Yet, many people are in denial that they are in poverty. They dress up the condition with fancy clothes, bogus social media post, and the appearance of success. While the whole time, their bank accounts are empty, they have no savings, and if they died today, there’s not even enough money to bury them. In fact, they haven’t even considered leaving a heritage for their children.


Poverty is a serious condition that is a silent killer of many generations that refuse to address it. American debt is at an all-time high and people are living on credit that they can never pay off in their lifetime. Yet, everybody is smiling and hardly anybody is talking about it. Tons of people are thinking of taking their lives because they don’t want to live another day in a society in which they cannot pay. Poverty is a serious condition.


If you’re thinking of taking your life because of financial strain, I pray today that God will change your mind and show you that there is a better way. Call Suicide Prevention if you’re having thoughts of suicide.


I know this story all too well because I’ve lived it, and it’s a story I love to tell. In reality, I hope it can help somebody understand the severity of the disease and how they can become free.


I grew up in the foster care system, no mother, and no father. I ended up on my own by the age of 15 and by the time I was 16 years old, I was already a mom. As a high school drop-out and a worker of dead-end jobs, I discovered very quickly how important money really was. In fact, Zig Ziggler said, “money isn’t that important, it just ranks right up there with air.”  I discovered this to be true when the lack of it led me to many undesirable places in my life.


[I still can’t find my Brother Emmanuel Lane, he would be 40 years old now, and was last seen in Pensacola FL; if anyone out there knows someone that fits that description message me 🙂 ]


It didn’t take me long to see that no money and raising a baby wasn’t going to work, so I went back to school got my G.E.D. and graduated from 2 college programs. I had my A.A. degree and had passed the FDLE exam. Increasing my education took me from $7.25 an hour to $16.50 an hour, which was pretty good I thought. In the meanwhile, my family grew and my expense climbed. I later find myself the divorced mother of 3 making only $16.50 an hour to survive.


Like many of you, I was in denial that I had the poverty disease. I mean, I wore a badge, I lived in the suburbs, and I looked successful. But honestly, I only had $0.16 in my account, no food in my house, and no investments for my future.


I remember suffering from the flu one weekend and having a very high fever. Yet, I didn’t even have $2 to buy a Tylenol or any gas in my car to find one.


That’s the day everything changed for me . . . I remember praying to God to please show me how to make money. At that point in my life, I couldn’t remember a single conversation about how to do it. No one had taught me how to make money, not even in school. I later discovered that making money wasn’t the only thing I needed to know but how to grow money was important as well. Yet, no one found this topic important enough to discuss. I mean, you only need money for every aspect of living on earth.



“My desire to change my financial situation started when my son Dedric was born, which is why I went back to school, but after realizing that I needed to earn more & going through a lot, I sought another solution.”


After I had prayed and cried out in desperation to learn how to earn money, I ran across a lady on the internet that was teaching a lesson on how to blog for profits. The information was great, but there was one problem. I needed $25.00 to sign up, and I didn’t have it. It took me about 2 weeks of pinching and saving to pay for the course and that’s how my online journey begins. I didn’t understand about lead magnets and all, so over time, I ended up spending thousands of dollars to learn a new skill that set me on the path to freedom.


Start your journey for only $7 bucks


It’s amazing how you think you can’t even come up with $25 but later find yourself coming up with several thousand. That’s because new information has a tendency to cause a transformation. Les Brown said, “your best thinking has landed you where you are today.” When I opened my mind to new ideas, I found myself in new places in my life.



Yet, that was just the beginning. I had no idea what I had asked for and the journey to getting it. The hardest part was the mental transformation because I had “stinking thinking” for over 30 years and that all had to be undone. James Allen said, “you are what you think about.” And it’s true. You cannot materialize that which you don’t believe is possible.


Blogging was the first real way that I could see a possible escape from a life of poverty. Never before has there been a way that you could start a business for under $100 and promote it to billions of people at one time. A blog, as simple as it seems, is a golden ticket to financial freedom if you can see the opportunity that it truly provides. When you start your blog with WordPress and see these words “Hello World,” it’s up to you what you make of it.


Start A Profitable Blog Today!


Do you want to be FREE? It’s not going to be easy, but it’s worth it. You’ll discover the main limitations lie within the boundaries of your own mind. Therefore, you’ll have to work at it, because of freedom “aint” free. It comes with a price tag of sacrifice, commitment, investment, and hard work. These are words that those plagued with poverty don’t want to hear.



You can enroll in the course FREE, but the process for change is going to cost you. 


You will have to turn off the television and pick up a book; you will have to spend your spare time working on your blog and positioning it to earn the money you need; you will cry sometimes and feel like giving up, but you will have to remember why you’re changing your mindset and learning the skills necessary to be free.


Here are a few steps to help you blog your way out of poverty.


1st acknowledge that you’re in poverty. Are you living on credit? Do you spend more each month than you earn? Are you on any type of government assistance? Do you struggle to pay your bills every month? Do you have investments? Is there an established inheritance for your loved ones if you should pass away? Are you financially prepared if a situation out of your controlled visited you today? Do you have a financial portfolio? Is your money making money?


If you’re making excuses for your poverty condition right now, I’d like to introduce you to John Morrow, a paraplegic who became a millionaire using nothing but his mind. Again, don’t get distracted, but try to finish this post because we’re almost done here. Yet, I want to show you that making excuses is for the birds. I’m not claiming to have completely arrived, but I’m saying I don’t make excuses for poverty because it’s something I have authority over.


It’s hard not to make the excuses and to avoid self-pity or a sense of helplessness for being broke, but the quicker you acknowledge that you’re the cause of it, the faster you can start your journey to be free from it. I’m not promising you that the road to freedom will be full of roses and daisies because there will be thorns and thistles along the way, but Jim Rohn said, “don’t wish it was easier; wish you were better.” Man, that’s harsh! But the truth usually is.


2nd get some new information. You’ve got to develop your mind if you want to build a stable income online. Spend 30-60 minutes a day in personal development. Condition your mind to develop the ideas for the tangible reality you want to see in your life. In short, listen to books, podcast, and motivational content. Invest in coaching and increase your personal value level so you can earn more money in the marketplace. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself hitting a plateau with the knowledge of man, that’s why in addition to learning worldly literature, it’s important that you pray and meditate to get some spiritual insight to reaching your full potential. No one knows you like your creator, so spend a lot of time connecting with “the most high.”



3rd do the work. You cannot be enlightened today but disconnect tomorrow. You have to commit to the process of change. You literally have to give yourself over to the process of transformation. Sometimes it can feel like you’re giving up fast food for fruit and vegetables. I mean, you want to spend 4 hours watching television and 2 hours on social media, but you know that you’ve got to pray, read, and work on your business because you’re sick of being broke. You’ve got to decide if you want to pay the cost of poverty or invest in the price of change. Because what feels good to you know may cost you big time later, and what’s uncomfortable for you now might pay off in a big way.


However, I don’t want to just tell you to do the work without showing you how to do it. Because it’s easy to get lazy with consuming information too. I spent months just laying around listening to information without doing the work. I wasn’t taking notes, I wasn’t applying the information, and I was very distracted by consuming too much information at once. It’s better to listen to one book a month and spend time with the material, take notes on the content, apply the principles, and allow the information to become a part of you than to speed through 20 books a month but take nothing away from what you learned.


I Break It All Down Here


For instance, have you read Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill? If so, what were the 17 principles for success outlined in the book and how have they enriched your life? If you don’t know read it again until you know them. Read over those principles until they become a part of your DNA and turn into new philosophies that you live your life by.


These are the things that people don’t tell you before you jump into their sales funnels. They play on your emotions and the pain you’ve been dealing with because of poverty, but they don’t tell you the price you’ll have to pay to really get free. Because you don’t fully understand the cost, you make other people richer through buying the “quick fix” product. Yet, without the full picture, you give up and believe that it just won’t work for you.


The truth is you can blog your way out of poverty, but you’ve got to first admit that you’re in it, be willing to grab new information about changing it, and commit to the work necessary to become free from it. It’s a nasty ugly disease that has a cure. If you want the antidote then CLICK HERE.


To Your Success . . .