How I Went From Social Medial Likes To Social Media Swipes


If you’re like many bloggers out there, you might agree that social media likes are flattering, but they do not pay your bills nor do they truly reward you for all of your hard work. You’re probably at a point where you need some swipes to keep your blog business profitable enough to stay afloat.


I remember hearing a mentor of mines say, “from likes to swipes,” but I didn’t fully understand what she was talking about until I was met with a lot of likes, but no swipes. I started to wonder if I was just blogging to have a pretty website that people just like. Uhmmm I needed some swipes to keep providing the good information.


What a frustrating time. My blogs were pretty, but I ended up losing my home and working a dead end job just to buy the basic necessities for life because they weren’t earning me money. It was horrible. I kept wondering, “if people truly like my content and it’s helping them get results in their business, then why are they buying products and services to get more information?


It wasn’t until I discovered these 3 things that turned my likes into swipes that I started truly profiting from my blog.


#1 Have a lead magnet. Sometimes, people just aren’t ready to buy your products and services yet. Perhaps they are just looking around for solutions to some problem they have and they are not sure you’re the person that can solve them.  When you have a lead magnet, that’s a way for them to grab your pamphlet or free offer, and maintain a connection with you through email marketing.


You may be smacking your lips right now because you’re assuming that this is the same old information that you’ve heard time and time again. Perhaps,  you already have a lead magnet and this isn’t new information to you. But let me ask you this; is your lead magnet somewhere over in the widget area of your blog? Do you honestly think that the people who visit your blog give a crap about that? Think about how you respond to sidebar offers. Yes, we all have them, but you’ve got to dig a little bit deeper if you want to get more leads.


I’m truly sorry to break it to you, but you’re going to need a lead magnet for

every post that you write.




If your blog has several subtopics to one primary topic, all of those subtopics need a lead magnet. For instance, in this post, I’m talking about Pinterest marketing, but in this post, I’m talking about blog strategy.


I cannot depend on some lead magnet in my sidebar to capture my reader’s attention enough to jump into my sales funnel. If the reader is interested in Pinterest marketing, but my lead magnet is some random offer not related to Pinterest marketing, there’s a 1% chance that the lead is going to go to the sidebar and sign-up.


Think about how you respond to such offers. You’re on social media strolling, and you run across an image that introduces the pain of getting likes, but not swipes. You can relate to that pain and want to know if there is a solution to the problem. You click on the article and get some good information, but the lead magnet on the sidebar is about email marking, and the offers inside of the post are random affiliate offers.


You will probably like the post if you learned something from it, but you’re not interested in an email marketing course, and none of the offers in the post-match what you need right now.


Yet, if you run that whole scenario again, but the offer has changed to exactly what you need. You can download an ebook on How To Convert Social Media Traffic and it’s offering more solutions for the pain you are experiencing. You’ll probably grab the offer, bookmark the blog, and later sign up for additional offers from the side widget.





The great news is that some topics like Pinterest marketing are meaty. Therefore you can create multiple posts about different aspects of the topic and use the same lead magnets.



Whenever I need a break from building these mini sales funnels, I write about blogging, Pinterest, clarity, or some other topic that I already have lead magnets to. Many of these topics I already have courses to so I can offer the lead magnet, and upsell, then extend lifetime customer value with courses and memberships.


Honestly, you can capture your own leads, then promote my Instant Course Cash Courses for profits. That way you can just focus on how to create your lead magnets and immediate upsells. I’ll be teaching you how to do all these things HERE. Get connected and learn how to finally profit from your blog.


#2 Offer a low cost upsell to your new lead. I talked about it a little in the earlier parts of this post. However, you can replace your thank you link with an upsell offer instead. When your lead subscribes, they are going to get an email anyway. The email will include the offer they signed up for. So why not use that URL space to offer your leads an upsell? You can create a short eBook with Canva, a mind map with mapping apps, or even a course. Yet, you need to start getting paid from your blog, so don’t take all day converting your social media traffic to customers. It could be something for $1 but the reality is they have become your customer.


Another equivalent to an upsell is to make sure that your free download has your other offers embedded. Honestly, sometimes I don’t feel like creating an upsell, but I need to collect leads. Therefore, I’ll create a lead magnet, and put other offers related to the lead magnet inside of the free download. It doesn’t convert as well as immediate upsells, but it still works.


#3 Offer related affiliate offers inside your post and you can add unrelated offers to the end of it. For instance, someone who is looking to earn more money from their blog may be interested in taking surveys for right now cash.


Taking surveys online can earn you money right now. However, I’d advise setting up a spam email account so you don’t get offers in your main email. You do have to answer all the questions because bogus information can get you thrown out of the program.


Prize Rebel: You can earn $200-$500 per month

Opinion Post: You can earn $10 per 100 points. You can get points by taking surveys and referring others. You literally cash out through Paypal, no B.S.

eResearch Global: Allow you to take up to 900 surveys a day. Payment via Paypal.


Other related offers could be services that you use to create your content. For instance, I use Convert kit along with other autoresponders. Yet, Convertkit offers 30-days free. You need an autoresponder to complete the sales funnels that I just wrote about. Therefore, Convertkit is a related affiliate offer.


In short, having a lead magnet, an immediate upsell, and related affiliate offers inside your post can help you turn all of that social media traffic into paying customers. If they clicked on your content it’s because they were interested in your information. Try offering them exactly what they need so that they will go beyond liking your content to buying your products and services.


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To Your  Success . . .