How To Create Hundreds Of Pieces Of Content In A Single Hour



Do you ever get tired of blogging? Does it seem like it takes a complete day to write one a post? It’s frustrating I know. You write until you’re blue in the face only to get your post hidden by all the noise on the internet. Would you like to get a ton of content out in a single hour?


Perhaps, you really do have something great to share with the world, but if you want to get your message heard, you’ll have to think outside of the box.


There are more ways to create content than writing an entire blog post. If you want to create a lot of content without spending hours on one post, listen up!




1st, pull up a digital notepad and type out a ton of blog post ideas. I usually get my ideas through my 30-60 minutes of daily niche’ related training.  As I’m listening, I, literally, write down every idea that comes to my head.


2nd, create short posts on social media. I like to use Facebook for my short post because I can schedule posts on my fan page. Let’s say, 80 ideas came to my head, but only 30 of them will work as posts. I take 30 ideas and create timed posts on Facebook. You can do the same thing on Twitter ext.


3rd, Transform your content. Create videos, audios, images, and PDF’s. My primary method of creating transformed content is through images. I create about 10 images per post. Watch the video below to see how it works.





If you want to get more out of your blog post and you need more eyes on your offer, write down your ideas, create short posts on social media, and transform your content. This is my 1,2,3 Content Creation Method that will help you get your content out fast.


To Your Success.