The Realistic Approach To Making Money Online



So you want to make money online? Yet, you’ve been struggling with how to actually do it. You know that having a blog is a great place to start, but you haven’t figured out how to make money blogging either. Perhaps, you’re about to give up on making money online. But wait! You might just need a realistic approach on how to succeed.


Having a realistic approach to making money online means you have clarity, a profits strategy, a way to get traffic, and a “whatever it takes attitude.”




Clarity is a major step that you’ve probably missed in the make money online process.  Truthfully, you’ve got to be clear on who you are, what you want, and how you plan to get it. Trying to leverage the internet for profits without a clear roadmap of the process is like going on a road trip without setting your GPS.


Honestly, you have to program your mind for the actual results that you want. If you do not know what you want then you cannot give your mind the clarity it needs to help you get it. Yet, it’s hard to identify if you’re struggling with clarity. You might not understand why you need to write down your personal and business goals. You may not even believe that doing that can help you reach your full potential.






However, I’m a witness that clarity can help you truly reach your goals. Here are a few questions that can help you determine if you struggle with clarity.


  1. How much money do you want to earn per month?
  2. What will you exchange to get the money that you want?
  3. Do you honestly believe that what you’re offering is worth the money you desire?
  4. Based on your goals, how much money should your blog earn each day?


If you’re struggling to answer the questions, and you cannot shout out your responses with clarity, you aren’t clear on what you want or how to get it. You’re just stabbing in the dark hoping to hit some unknown target called “make money online.”  Don’t take a wild stab in the dark; just get clarity and end up exactly where you intended to be.






What about strategy? Do you have profits strategy for your blog? Blogging for profits is so much more than writing paragraphs and putting links in the middle. It’s more about who you’re writing to, what you’re writing about, and what you’re offering.


Is there an audience for the topic you’re discussing on your blog? If so, are these people experiencing a major problem that your blog can solve? If they are, do you offer actual solutions to the problems that they are experiencing?  When a problem meets a solution for the right audience, money is made. It’s that simple. Yet, it can be complicated if you don’t understand blog strategy.


In a nutshell, you’re writing messages to a very specific audience that calls them to take action to get a solution that they need. Answer the questions below to see if you have a clear blog strategy.


  1. What is your blog about?
  2. Who does your blog speak to? ( Example: a frustrated blogger who can’t seem to get profits online).
  3. What problem does your blog solve? ( Example: my blog will help that frustrated blogger get un-stuck and make money online).
  4. How do you plan to profit from your blog? ( Example: I’ll provide great blog post that will help the frustrated blogger get some relief from their problem and call them to action through buying courses that can actually solve their entire problem).
  5. How much money should your blog earn each month? ( Example: My blog should earn $30,000 per month with 300 subscriptions monthly to Blog Profits. To reach this goal, I need 10-11 sales every day).





Those numbers sound great, but what about traffic? Blog traffic is a major component to actually reaching your income goals. If you needed 10 sales a day but only 1 of your daily visitors jumps into your sales funnel, you’re going to need quite a bit of traffic to get 10 sales. You probably already know that every person inside your sales funnel doesn’t buy. It’s all broken down HERE.


So what are your blog profits goals, and how much traffic do you need to reach them? In reality, 0traffic=0leads=0sales. Traffic is the bloodline to your profitable blog success. In order to truly leverage the internet for profits, you’ve got to know your numbers. Knowing your numbers removes the wishing and hoping aspect of making money online and helps you focus on the income producing activities you need to do to actually make the money.





Having clarity, strategy, and traffic is a realistic approach to making money online. Yet, it can’t happen without a “whatever it takes attitude.” If internet profits are something you’re just trying out momentarily to see if it works, you’ll probably never make a dime. Most people with that attitude are quick to give up the first time they fail. However, failing is a major part of success. When you fail, you’ve got to readjust your approach and try again.


Sometimes failure is related to lack of clarity, a vague strategy, and not enough traffic, but other times it’s just your approach.


Honestly, I’ve built multiple websites that just plunged, but I understood why I was doing it. I fully understood that unless I got some lucky break, blogging was my only way to break free from poverty. Without this opportunity, I was destined to work 2 or 3 dead-end jobs until my back gave out  to the next “man.”


I knew that if I didn’t learn how to make my own money, I’d be a slave to someone else who did. Honestly, it’s been an incredibly difficult journey that required sacrifice and commitment to learning a trade that increased my marketplace value.


I discovered that if I wanted to earn more, I had to learn more.  Les Brown said, “your best thinking has landed you exactly where you are today.” In short, a transformation takes new information. Therefore, I invested and learned and worked.


If you don’t succeed at blogging, what fate awaits you? Is it worth it to you to keep going? Are you willing to invest, implement new strategies, and do the work to reach your blog profits goals? What would reaching your income goals mean to you?

Just have a realistic approach! Grab the right information for you to succeed at making money online. And never give up until you reach your goal!


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