What To Do When Your Dream Is Bigger Than You


Are you feeling burnt out and overwhelmed by all the ideas swimming around in your head? Do you question if you’ll ever reach your goal? Are you always creating and never feeling as if you’ve accomplished anything?


If you’ve answered yes, to any of those questions, then your dream is probably bigger than you. You may be asking yourself why can’t I get anywhere, or what is it going to take for me to be successful? While those are great questions to ask, they are not the right questions that will lead you to the answers you desire.


What you really want to know is where can I connect to the right people to make my vision complete? What kind of relationships do I need in order to dig a little deeper and see a little further?  Who do I need to connect with in this season, in my life, to make it to the next level?


Humility, Compassion, Connection


Because “truth be told,” I don’t know who you are or where you’re at, but I’m supposed to meet you here.  You’re supposed to unlock the next part of this journey I call life and honestly, I can’t do it without you. So I’m here asking for that connection;  I’m looking for that person who’s been where I’m trying to go;  I’m seeking that dream team that can help my ideas flow because, without you, I’ll die inside and never reach my full potential.


Perhaps, your roadblock is your need to move on and experience something new. Your questions should be, “where do I go now?”  “Who am I supposed to connect to?” Who am I supposed to be connected with?


Just like the waterfall in the image above, you cannot control the overflowing energy of your creative ideas. You need a team of dreamers, masterminds, and doers around you. You’re looking in your hand and you see nothing. You’re wondering what can come from nothing? I can’t hire this dream team. However, I ask you to look again. Take another look in your hands, but see it through the infinite eyes of a supernatural being.


“And the earth was void and without form and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the water.” 


You have the ability to supernaturally believe yourself into a new reality because the one you’re living in has come to an end. This is almost like a snake who sheds his skin in order to keep moving forward. If you want to move forward, you’ve got to shed your old skin and become new.


“Well, how do you do that?” I’m going to tell you:


Through prayer,  meditation, and letting go. Just let go of what you think you know and open your mind to what you’ve never seen.


Just let go and trust that where you are going is better than anywhere you’ve ever been. Because if you refuse to let go, you’ll find yourself stuck in a  rut and beating your head against a wall. You’ve reached a dead end, and it’s time for you to shed your old skin.


Many people reach this point in their lives and often times it’s sad what happens. Many give-up and revert back to the old person they once knew. Some people revert to drugs or alcohol to cope with being stagnated and not able to move forward. Sadly, some commit suicide because the pain of failure is too much for them to bare and they can’t see past the life they thought they wanted.


But the truth is things always get better. . . 


You’ve been standing still for far too long. Everything up until now has been a training ground for your real purpose, but you’ll have to trust the process and choose to move on. Because your dream is much bigger than you, and you need to be emersed in a much bigger pool.


If you’re reading this post and it resonates with you, then it’s for you. Get ready to move forward in many ways in your life. It may be in location, relationships, or opportunity or a combination of all 3. But if you’re feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed, and like a failure, it’s because there’s something much bigger for you to do. You have not failed, you’re just in a major transition to shed the old skin and become something new.


What does this have to do with Instant Course Cash . . . . ahahahaha


If you’re asking that question, then you probably don’t know me very well lol. I’m not going to place myself in the box of only talking about internet profits strategies on my blogs. When I feel the need or a pull on my energy to encourage someone, or minister to someone, or speak directly into the life of a reader who is on the verge of giving up; I don’t care about no strategy. I only care about throwing you a lifeline, because I need those myself.


I definitely accept this word for myself first, then I pass it on to you. Because you’re great and life is much more than a few business strategies and making money online tips. Yeah, we’ll get back to that in the next post. In fact, you can sign up HERE and well talk all the internet business strategies you can stand.


But you mean more to me than that, so there will be times when the search engines will have no idea what I’m talking about.  I will not get that perfect search engine optimized green light. Yet, the right person will find this post at the right time, and it’s going to change their life.  Maybe that’s you. If so, great! Read this again and again, and share it with a friend, because your best days are ahead of you if you’ll only let go of the old and step into the new.


Real Talk. . .


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To Your Success