Why You Need A Life Vision Plan


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Do you have a Life Vision Plan? Are you wondering what is that and why should you have one? If so, let me answer those questions for you. A life vision plan is written document that outlines your life desires and a process to make those desires tangible.  You should have a vision plan so you can live your life on purpose.


Now, you wouldn’t jump in your car and head to an unknown location; would you? Usually, when you jump in your car, you know where you’re going. If you plan your road trips, why wouldn’t you plan your life? If you want to become everything you were meant to be, you can’t just let life happen.


You need a life vision plan


When you have a life vision plan, you know what to do with your days and your time. You’ve got goals to pursue and a purpose to fulfill. You’re not carried away with every wind that blows because you’ve got an agenda to follow.


In all honesty, if you don’t write your life vision plan, somebody else will. They will control your time, your life, and your purpose. You’ll find yourself marching to the beat of random drums. Yet, the best way to find your own rhythm is to map out your inner desires on paper.



What would you like to be doing with your time? What’s something you’d do even if you weren’t getting paid for it? Where do you want to go? How do you envision your best life yet?


Get a life vision plan


Honestly, a life vision plan is more than just writing down some dreams. It’s about building a bridge from where you are to where you want to be. It’s about spending less time being who you’re not and more time becoming who you are. It’s about living your life on purpose and becoming who you were destined to be.


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