Business Visualization Practice


There’s no easy way to say this, but if you want to build a successful business, you’re going to have to just dive right in.


No, I’m not saying to go spend a bunch of money and start building stuff without a plan. I’m simply saying to visualize it first.


Without fear, plan out your ideal business. Marie Forleo said it best, “you’ve got to play in your secret garden first. She recommends that you finish the sentence, “wouldn’t it be great if . . .”


I agree and think that it’s a great starting point. Because you can’t have what you can’t believe. Therefore, the best way to dive right into your successful business is to have an idea of what that business would look like.


Finish the sentence, “wouldn’t it be great if . . .” then go create it.


Spend time reading the web pages and engaging with the content of those who have become successful at what you desire to become successful at.


What is a day in their lives like? How do they connect with people? Heck, why do people like them? See yourself having your own version of that life.


Having a regular business visualization practice is key to building ultimate business success. Just about every successful person who has achieved anything noteworthy is talking about it.


Listen carefully as many of them talk about meditation, visualization, and imagination.


The reality is that if you can’t enjoy an imaginary¬†encounter with your business idea, then you’re probably going to struggle with it in real life.


Business visualization practice will help you discover if you are struggling with the confidence necessary to build your business. It will reveal whether or not you even like your business idea.


Visualizing your ideal business should bring your joy and excitement. If it feels stressful and overwhelming, then consider a different business idea.


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