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Are You Struggling With Your Journey To Blog Profits?

It's True! Building a profitable blog can be quite stressful.


If you’ve been trying to make money from your blog for a while, you’re probably feeling discouraged. Perhaps you’ve brought a lot of courses and software only to find an endless cycle of expenses with no actual profits. You may be tired of spending money out of your already strained budget to keep your blog a float, so you want to profit from your blog now. 

Too Many Experts & Not Enough Value.


Yep, there are many expert claims out there but not enough valuable proof of any results. Time has a way of weeding out those who claim to be experts but are not. Honestly, you don’t have to be an expert on blogging to make money online. I started a blog about African American hair care that exploded on the web and earned more money than all of my online business consultant sites combined. 

Feeling Punked?


If you’re loosing your motivation it can feel like someone played a cruel joke on you. You may be wondering if this will ever work for you. Yet, the idea of no longer working for “the man” and earning money on your own terms through a profitable blog is still in your reach. 

You Want To be A Full-Time Blogger!

You hate spending your days working for someone else while barely getting by. You’ve got a vision of other ways to spend your time. You want to focus on things that actually matter to you. You want to do the things that’s in your heart to do. 

If ANY of these feelings resonate with you, welcome aboard.

I went from working full-time midnight's, weekends, and holidays to earning a full time income from blogging.

And now I get to be a full-time mom working from home while getting paid through my blog.

You may not think I understand, but I started exactly where you are right now. 

I had been blogging but wasn’t earning enough money to reach my dream of being a full-time mom and offering myself and my child more experiences in life. I had gone through a divorce and was destined to work 2 jobs forever trying to make ends meet. When I discovered blogging, I saw it as a way out of the “poor single mother club.”

Yet, just like you, I kept hitting a ceiling that kept knocking me back down to corporate America where I’d be a slave to the rat race for the rest of my life. 

I’ve gone through the ridicule, the embarrassment of failure and even the low moments of having to borrow money from family and friends just to get by. I’ve shed the tears of wondering why. And like you, I knew I was a smart person but wondered why it wasn’t happening for me.

Ironically, I discovered that it had nothing to do with me not having the drive or the intelligence. It had everything to do with me having the right skill set to blog for profits. I finally got the right coach and learned how to blog for a specific outcome. It’s understanding how to position your blog for leads, conversions, and sales then providing a ton of value to a targeted audience who will enter your blog’s sales funnel and become your customers.

Since learning these skills, I’ve been able to leverage the internet for profits and have a say in how I spend my days. 

I Love Being A Full-Time Mom

Emmanuel won first place in the long-jump competition.

At Karate Tournament

Emmanuel made it to round 3 with Disney auditions.

After Disney Audition

Emmanuel's first day of 6th grade. I was honored to give him a ride lol.

First Day Of School

Emmanuel's 6th grade picture day at school.

It's Picture Day

Emmanuel's Christian private school is expanding; we were there for the ground breaking ceromony.

New Campus Groundbreaking

Picture day at football practice. I have video footage of the whole season if you want to see it lol.

Emmanuel At Football Practice

You Can Be A Full-Time . . .

Whatever you want to be. I know bloggers that are world travelers and others that do charity missions . What do you want to do?

My life has done a complete 180 from the long midnight shifts & barely able to see my two older sons who are now adults.

They only got to play sports for one season, and never got to do anything fun because I was at work all the time. 

My work did not pay enough to buy a vacation or provide additional experiences. 

When I had time off, all we could do was rent a movie, go to the local pool, or maybe eat at low-budget restaurant. Let’s just say, we spent a lot of time at the free parks and cheap pizza joints. Although I enjoyed raising them, I wished I could do more.

Just like you, I wanted to choose the time I spent with my family and how that time was used. 

Blogging has put the power of options back into my hands. How I earn my money, spend my time, and raise my son is up to me. 

I can finally have a say in the way I spend my days. 

You can too . . . you can avoid the blogging mistakes that’s blocking your profits. Just as I did, you can grab coaching and break-down the barriers that’s keeping you from the life you really want.  

Featured Classes

Blog Profits

In this course, you literally learn how to make money blogging. You’ll get the key concepts that took me from earning $0 dollars blogging and working the night shift to earning a full-time income from home as a stay-at-home single mom. 

Pinterest Marketing

In this course you’ll discover how I went from barely getting any traffic on my blog to over 250,000 new leads, in a single week, using Pinterest. I’ll show you how you can use Pinterest to get more leads, conversions, and sales on your blog. 

Vision + Clarity

This course will make sure you know how to focus on the right daily action steps to reach your online profits goals. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and stuck focused on things that don’t get you the results you want. With Vision + Clarity you’ll learn how to focus on the income producing activities that will get you paid from your blog.

What My Customers say

I've discovered how to promote my message through a blog and extend my global reach. I've been able to sell my books online with literally no sales or computer experience. I simply followed the system and got results.

Rev. H.K. Matthews

I'm truly seeing that "everyday people" can earn a living online. I discovered how to narrow down my interest and target certain audiences with my products and services. Everything was super easy to follow, and it seemed like all of the pieces to the puzzle was there to help me reach my online business goals.

Shelby White

After Being An Online Business Strategist For Quite Sometime, I've Can Pin-Point Some Common Mistakes

1. You do not have clarity. 

If you’ve been trying to make money from your blog but you have no clue on your personal or income goals, you may find yourself struggling to make a profit. If you don’t know what you’re aiming for, how will you get it? Answer these 3 question: How much money do you want to earn? What will you exchange in value to get the money you desire? Do you honestly believe what you’re offering is worth the money? If you cannot breakdown the amount of money you want to earn into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals, or you are unable to rationalize what you’re offering for the money you’re expecting then take the

Clarity + Focus Course. 

2. You do not have a blog strategy.

What is your blog about? What problems are you actually solving on it? What is your specific niche or area of expertise? Is it in high demand; is there a strong need for it? How do you plan to make money from your blog? Are you clear on what you’re selling or offering? What is your process for traffic, leads, and conversions? Is your call to action working? How much money should the blog be generating? Does your blog posts position you to earn that amount? If it sounds like I’m speaking a foreign language, take the

Blog Profits Course.

3. You do not have enough traffic.


If 1 out of 10 visitors to your blog got into your sales funnel, you’d need a thousand visitors to get 100 new leads. If only half of those new leads became a customer then you’d need 200 new leads to get 100 sales per day, week, or month. You’d have to base that on your actual income goals. If you need 200 new leads to get 100 sales then you’re going to need at least 2000 visitors per 100 sales and that’s on a high conversion rate. The point I’m makeing is 0 traffic=0 leads=0 sales. You’ll transition from wanting to make money from your blog to making money blogging when you actually do the math and match that with action to get what you want. One of the quickest ways to increase your blog traffic for free is with Pinterest. If you’ve got things mapped out but struggle with getting traffic to your offer, take the 

Pinterest Marketing Course.

You Find Yourself In All 3 Categories?

If you’re finding yourself in all 3 categories then start with Clarity + Focus then take the other suggested courses outlined here. 

If you can relate to any of these scenarios then take the suggested course and . . .

Imagine Your Life If You Could

“Wake-up every day an do what matters most to you.”


What if you could

Retire Early

Multiply Your Current Earnings

Spend More Time With Your Family

Take More Vacations

Command Your Day

Do It All From Your Digital Device