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This course will help you stop blogging for your health so you can start blogging for your wealth. If you’re sick and tired of putting a lot of hard work into your blog with little in return listen up. I’m going to show you how to create digital goods for 100% profits. I’ll show you how to set-up your sales funnels and convert tons of sales from your blogging platform. I’ll teach you how to create profitable campaigns to drive more traffic all while revealing how to blog your way to profits success. This course is designed to help you blog for profits and systematically earn money from every post, you create, 24/7. After completing this course and applying these strategies, you should be waking up to daily blog profits. So no more blogging for free; get this course, and earn money blogging now.

In This Course, You’ll Learn . . .


About Building Blog Foundation

  • How to choose your blog domain name
  • How to create a business plan for your blogging platform
  • How to find your target market for your blog
  • How to research your profitable niche’ ideas

About Blog Profits 

  • How to establish a clear purpose for your blogging platform
  • How to influence people  through your content
  • How to set audience expectations
  • How to aim your blog for a specific financial outcome
  • How to automate multiple income streams from a single blog post
  • How to break-down buyers resistance and call your audience to action
  • How to simplify your visitor experience to help them transition into customers
  • How to identify and rent space on the web
  • How to create a warm space on the web conducive for collaboration
  • How to create a blog post that ranks
  • How to submit your blog to major search engines
  • How to promote your blog through social media and other traffic sources
  • How to build your email list from your blog
  • How to get over 5000 blog subscribers quick using bonus content
  • How to automatically respond and build relationships with your subscribers through autoresponders
  • How to create beautiful capture pages and embed them on your blog to capture traffic
  • How to up-sell directly from your blogging platform

About Digital Goods

  • What are digital goods: understand the various forms of digital goods
  • How to create digital goods: discover how you can turn, just about anything, into a digital good for virtual download
  • How to host digital goods: discover how to store your digital goods for automatic purchase 24/7 even while you sleep
  • Payment gateways: learn about both free and paid payment processing software that can accept payments, automatically create a thank you message, and auto email a receipt of purchase to your customers.

About Sales Funnels

  • What is a sales funnel: discover what a sales funnel is and the primary purpose it serves
  • The different parts of a sales funnel: the primary 4 elements of a  highly converting sales funnel
  • Sales funnels & customer behavior: the stages of behavior  that visitors experience when interacting with your funnel
  • Create a sales funnel: get step-by-step instructions as to how to set up your, very own, sales funnel.

About Traffic, Leads, & Conversions

  • Organic traffic strategies: target new visitors and prospects, absolutely free, with organic  traffic methods
  • Internet Traffic Explained: dive deeper into traffic, leads, and conversions
  • How to find your target market
  • How to build profitable campaigns: here’s a bonus training that reveals how you can drive traffic to affiliate offers and make sales while you are in the process of planning, developing, and launching your online business.



Instructor: Teresa Cole

Hi, I'm Online Business Strategist Teresa Cole. You'll spend a lot of time with me in your courses as your instructor. I'm so excited to be working with you. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call me directly, 1 (844) 244-5440 or click on the contact link in the menu options. Thanks for joining me here and I'll catch in your course. To Your Success . . . ~TDC~

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