How To Turn Your Notes Into Gold

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This course is all about how to leverage the # 1 source of profits on the internet today, information. For years, Google and other major search engines have made billions of dollars because they understand how to provide consumers with the information that they want.

Think about your interaction with the internet. Why do you get online every single day? Probably to find out the latest news or to learn how to do something. That’s because we are dead smack in the middle of the technological and information age. Billions of people use technology to get information.

In this course, you’ll discover how to turn your everyday notes and research into cash. That’s right, you can turn all of the information that you consume on the internet into profits. Google does it, so why can’t you? This billion dollar company makes mega bucks off the ideas, notes, and research of others.

You’re going to learn how to make more money by not knowing it all. Napolean Hill once said, ” I don’t need to know much of anything, I just need to surround myself with the people who do.” That’s such a great quote for this course because you will learn where and how to find information that you can turn to gold fast.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel because it’s been made for you. You’ll never find yourself stuck in the creation phase anymore either. You’ll have to trust this process and shy away from relying on what you know and more on what others know.

As I’ve mentioned before, Google is our great example that leveraging the information of others is a very profitable business, so let’s get started!

You will learn: 

  • The note-taking methods that get you paid
  • How to think profits when note taking rather than just transcribing what you hear
  • How to turn your notes and research into gold
  • The best tools for taking profitable notes


Instructor: Teresa Cole

Hi, I'm Online Business Strategist Teresa Cole. You'll spend a lot of time with me in your courses as your instructor. I'm so excited to be working with you. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call me directly, 1 (844) 244-5440 or click on the contact link in the menu options. Thanks for joining me here and I'll catch in your course. To Your Success . . . ~TDC~

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