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Hi there! I’m Teresa Cole A.K.A. Tdaviscole.  I’ve been leveraging the internet for profit for years! I remember when I first started my online entrepreneurship journey and the frustration I felt as I tried to make money come out of my computer.


I’ve experienced a lot of setbacks (And gettin’ the money I needed was like pulling teeth.)

…my journey went something like this:


Information overload, a lot of learning but no profits, technical difficulties, stuck on one problem for weeks, creation phase nightmare, always creating but never earning. YIKES! I feel ya. Then I discovered how to solve these problems for myself and provide solutions for everybody else in my niche’ space, and I haven’t looked back since.


I discovered the power of leveraging other people’s content through affiliate sales and how to turn my own content into affiliate opportunities.


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…your journey can go something like this:


  • No information overload: everything is broken down into easy to follow courses
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The promote it feature is being tweaked so you can promote individual courses. However, I have some exciting news!


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